• First weekend of State Champs

    November 29, 2017

    It was a great first weekend for the Senators in the first of 3 weeks for the Basketball WA state championships. Congratulations to all the teams involved!


    This last weekend featured our U11 boys teams, our U17 boys & girls and our U19 men & women teams. As a club we had a total of 13 teams, 130 players, 20 coaches and 13 managers, & countless referees who each displayed great passion & spirit - ensuring they played and represented the Senators club with pride....and that is exactly what they did!


    Overall, we had 6 of the teams make the finals, these teams being our U11-2 Boys, U17-2 & 3 boys, our U17-2 girls, & both our U19 championship men & women teams. The U11 Champ Boys team missed the finals based on percentage points. We also had two teams making the grand finals with our U17-3 boys just coming up short & our U19 Champ girls coming away with the top spot in an overtime thriller!


    Again, we would like to congratulate all the teams who were involved & we want to make a huge mention to the support all the coaches & managers put into not only making this club to be what it is - but making the weekend such a great success! Thank you!